Concord University College Held 2019 Commencement Ceremony

06 19, 2019

On the morning of June 19, the 2019 Commencement Ceremony of CUC was held at the library square of Qishan Campus, Fujian Normal University. Present at the event were school leaders, parent representatives and some 4000 graduates from the Class of 2019.

President Zhang Huarong expressed his hearty congratulations to the graduates as well as best wishes for their future. Advocating for patriotism and ambition, Mr. Zhang hoped that graduates could stay true to their mission of serving the country and the people, improve their theoretical and practical proficiencies with a down-to-earth spirit and keep enthusiastic and concentrated to make continuous progress.

The ceremony was live streamed on two platforms, based on Fuzhou TV Station and Weibo respectively. A total of 26,000 audience, including family members of graduates across the country watched the ceremony and enjoyed the humanistic atmosphere of the graduation season.

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